The permanence of Your love

What legacy will you hand down
To generations
You’ll never meet
What will they come to know
How will you help them
Into their future
What are you building
That will stand the test of time
The only thing
That will never fail or fade away
Is the love of God
Build upon this foundation
On Christ the solid rock
Then your legacy will stand


I am a captive prisoner
Enslaved to freedom’s call
His love is bound around me
To help me when I fall
To raise me up
To hear His voice
To see the beauty of His face
To live and breathe in living wonders
Touched by loving grace

Throne of grace

Your throne of grace
Is the most beautiful place to come
From heaven
On earth
You touch my heart
Lifting me up
To see
Full of grace and truth
From beginning to end

Boldness comes from knowing
I’m Your child
Quiet confident love makes a way
Drives away all fear
Mercy and grace
Kiss me over and over
Just as You fell upon the prodigal with
Loving compassion
Kissing him over and over

Your power of forgiveness is staggering
My legs grow weak with grace
Bending my heart toward humility
Knowing I am accepted
Knowing I am
Your child
Moves me to my inner core
Where Love Divine
Placed upon me as a seal

Speaks over me saying
I can not be sold to another
I’ve been purchased for
You alone

No greater love I know than this
The power of Your redemptive blood
Perfect sacrifice of love poured out
Jesus forever praised
Toward Your throne of grace
I’m drawn
Toward Your throne of grace
I bow

Life goes on

Summer shade and autumn rain
Winters finally come
No more sweaty brow
The cool of night is here
Season to season
Day by day
On and on I go
From hot to cold and in between
I move along this path by faith
My eyes fixed upon
Your gaze
My ears turned toward
Your voice

Love is

Love is not a stranger that passes through the night
Love is not a moment that leaves with early dawn
Love is not a candle that flickers and fades away
Love is not a traveller with no place to stay
Love is not a high or low that shifts like plates of earth
Love is not the sun and moon or stars that fill the sky
Love is not the world with all it’s glory on display
Love is not the ocean’s depths with every treasure arrayed
Love is not the music the art the dance or song
Love is not the lover’s touch that through the night holds on
Love is not the laughter of a child with innocence and glee
Love is not the birth of babe upon It’s mothers knee

If I cannot see the God of love in this love surrounding me
My eyes are blind my ears are deaf my heart is cold and lost
I need the Saviour’s love to come and put His love in me
That I may see and hear and know
The love of God that’s all around is living inside of me