Terminal World

Shattered glass
Broken shells
Hollow wombs
Deep graves
Maddening sounds
Lazy cries
Lingering figures
Shallow shores
Shipwrecked strangers
Hopeful twisters
Darkened magnets
Twisted traps
Empty frames
Lucid lies
Raging fires
Painful gazes
Deafened anguish
Blatant tricks
Shameful acts
Guilty hearts
Restless minds
Frantic moves
Bolted prisons
Vacant eyes
Deceitful tongues
Sinful masses
Wasted flesh
Fallen cages
Deadly webs
Conniving foes
Haunted past
Hunted down
Drunken frenzy
Human trophies
Topless heads
Debauched greed
Frozen time
Naked clones
Barren words
Drowning nations
Breathless spirits
Lonely tribes
Empty homes
Barbed breath
Fearful man
Haughty deeds
Selfish acts
Destined darkness
Terminal world


True Worshippers

With all the bells of worship
Surrounding me
Your voice resounds
Within me

You are mine
I love you
I live in you
Not within temples
Made from hands of men
Or dead gongs
With all their lifeless praise

You are the resurrection
You are the life
All who live in You
Bring eternal praise
Spirit and truth
No gongs or bells
No clanging symbols

The cross

The most beautiful thing
That ever grew upon the earth
The tree on which Christ hung
Creator of all creation
Chose to lay upon this cross
For all mankind to know
In love laid down
Surrendered once for all
To death’s final blow
The ground shook
Rocks cracked opened wide
His grave lay empty
Just a shroud of cloth inside
The power of death finally broken
His broken body risen from the dead
His blood and tears soaked the ground
From which He made mankind
Washing away every sin and stain
Changing every hardened heart
That calls upon His name
Own this cross
Carry His name
To every tribe and tongue
Christ has risen
Conquering sin and death
The power of the cross
As brutal as death can be
The wonder of the cross
Christ now lives in me

I am with you

For a moment
Embrace my grace
Let your lungs
Fill up with my life
Breathe in this moment
I am here
With you
Never shifting
In your changing world
A heart beat away
Lay still
Breathe deep
Breathe deep again
Let heavens oxygen
Fill your heart
With love
With life
With me
With you


I want to sing bright lines
Solid lines
Lines of truth
Bearing the brightness of the dawn
Slowly appearing
Then finally
Like the sun rising on Kanchenjunga
Purples deep and rich
Filtering into pinks
Rushes and flushes
Dripping down the snow
A river of morning light
It’s in full flight
I’m captured
Spell bound
Found with you
My glorious Song

Faithful dawn

From dizzy heights of mountain glory
To darkened valleys of earth below
How fickle the heart
How fleeting the breath
How quick I rise then fall
But for the Saviours love
I’d stand in despair alone
He shines His glory light
Upon my path to see
The brightness of His gracious heart
A new dawn
Awaiting me

O God

God most excellent
Exalted on high
How great you are
The beauty of your holiness
Shining out for all to see
Your glory filling the earth
Day by day
Jesus son of God
Glory of the father
Exalted on high
Most excellent of all
How great you are
The beauty of your holiness
Shining out for all to see
Your glory filling the earth
Day by day