Terminal World

Shattered glass
Broken shells
Hollow wombs
Deep graves
Maddening sounds
Lazy cries
Lingering figures
Shallow shores
Shipwrecked strangers
Hopeful twisters
Darkened magnets
Twisted traps
Empty frames
Lucid lies
Raging fires
Painful gazes
Deafened anguish
Blatant tricks
Shameful acts
Guilty hearts
Restless minds
Frantic moves
Bolted prisons
Vacant eyes
Deceitful tongues
Sinful masses
Wasted flesh
Fallen cages
Deadly webs
Conniving foes
Haunted past
Hunted down
Drunken frenzy
Human trophies
Topless heads
Debauched greed
Frozen time
Naked clones
Barren words
Drowning nations
Breathless spirits
Lonely tribes
Empty homes
Barbed breath
Fearful man
Haughty deeds
Selfish acts
Destined darkness
Terminal world


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