More than I imagined

Grace reached out and touched my hand
Through eyes of mercy
Saw my weakness and helped me to stand
Undeserving as any could be
He opened my eyes so I could see
Tears of compassion rolling down
Love and acceptance no forlorn frown
This freedom in Christ
Such longing fulfilled
Is more than I imagined or ever have found



More colours than colours that be
Dancing around in an infinite sea
Infinite beauty flooding my path
Eternal glory full of love from the start
Inside me you’re as safe as can be
Inside my heart we shall never part
Sparkles of rainbows everywhere
Clear as crystal breathing heavens air
Rivers of living water filled with delight
Sweeter than honey the most beautiful sight
Cascading down into lush open plains
Trees dripping fruit
Unceasing no night
Heavens choirs singing
The anthem of Christ’s song
Adoration and worship
For all eternity long


Each stroke of the brush
Like no other
Snow flakes uniquely
Melt into each other
Flashing colour
Bright and strong
Living wonders
No eye the same
An ocean of blue
A sky of green
A desert of every shade
Each one
Fearfully and wonderfully made

Wait in quiet expectation

The smile that lights up my face
Is your smile upon my heart
Like rays of light that flood in
And brighten every place
I breathe in your peace
And I am fully alive
There is nothing that can be added
You are enough
In this moment I am stirred
With deep longing for more
Your wind blows over me
Such love drawing me
Father of glory
I am rested
As I wait
In quiet expectation
Hope of glory rising
Deep longing growing
To be one
In quiet expectation
I wait on You

Beholding You

Your glory shines out
With all your character
Radiating with beauty
The whole earth
Is full of you
The heavens declare
You are here
How I long to gaze
Into your face
For your touch
To come upon me
You took away the veil
So I can see you
I was made to know you
In all your glory
One day from the next
Ever increasing
I behold you
And I am changed

The Lord is good

The leaves are green
Dripping with living water
Flowing toward low places
Lifting up those cast down
Healing them
Giving life
Covering the earth with glory
Under this evergreen canopy of grace
Eternal fruit grows
Taste and see
The Lord is good


The battle rounds begun
Pride versus pride
Head raised high
Chest puffed out
Fully extended
Gloating here
Mocking there
With a supercilious glare
To look upon another with arrogant disdain
Is to seek to rob them
Of the image
From whom
They bear His name
Little do they know
In this will be their shame
Who will the winner be
The one who finally bows the knee
To the one who has the victory
The most humble one of all will see