Love intervenes

There is no depth where
Love will not stoop down
To reach into my deepest fear
To cast it out
Where fear melts under the
Everlasting arms of God
Love not only draws
It drives out
Makes me whole
Soothes to my inner core
With such acceptance
Faith then stirs like a mighty lover
Bent on Holy war
The Devine conquest
Where truth Conquers
And lies are consumed
Under Gods consuming fire
Holy love
Raises me up
To be as I am seen
Seated in heavenly places
With Christ



Peace breathes His dancing light of fragrant love
Within the triune Godhead
They are One
They are no strangers
They have been One
From before time began
Long before man
Beautifully distinct
All three One
As lovers who know
All there is to know
Still there is more
Love unceasing


Unbreakable thread
As pure as pure can be
Broken for my brokenness
Lost so I am found
No longer bound
Free as Himalayan mountain heights
Deeper than deaths darkest valley
Higher than galaxies and suns
Unbreakable thread
As pure as pure can be
You have woven me into
Your eternal tapestry
Flashing colours of brilliance displayed
From Your hands of glory
I am made


Pohutukawa blanket of ruby red you lay
So beautiful on the ground
Your blossom on display
You adorn the coastline
With your Christmas bloom
From north to south
Spread upon Aotearoa’s rich fertile land
Reminding me
I’m planted
In Gods
Loving hand

Land and sea

Ocean waves mount upon the sea
Rolling over blankets of sand
Layers and layers move and melt
Under its beauty and power
The rush and surge of its might
Thrown upon these sands
Wave upon wave
Crash after crash
The sound of broken shells
Popping and fizzing with each receding wave
Land and sea fit like a glove