You brighten up my eyes
Flood them with light
Your glory shines for me to see
Brighter than the noonday sun
My heart is filled with hope
Promises that live forever
The greatest of all
You were broken for me
To redeem my broken life
Perfect love
Saviour of the world
Resurrection life
Saviour of my life.


Bathed in wonder

Your peace floods my soul
Like a rush of early morning dew
Gently sweeping across the land
Quiet and still
The daylight awakens
Beautiful sky
Rising and stretching
Far and wide
Deep blue takes me in
Covers me with awe
I bathe in this wonder
Rested once more

Golden faith

Layers of miracles await
Underneath the furnace of trial and pain
Holy fire burns
Sparking embers of love
Brighter than the darkest night
An offering
From bronze to silver
Golden faith
Seven times seventy
The miracle of life
Risen from the grave