Holy Spirit

Holy Spirit
Forgive me
When I seek comfort outside knowing
You are my comforter
Forgive me
When I cast you aside
When You’re always
The One alongside
Forgive me
When I seek other loves
When there’s no other love truer than You
Your tender mercy
Touches the chord
Deep within me
Then drives away all my fears
Your loving kindness
Restores my heart
Raising me up to be
The child of God I am


In Christ alone

The author of perfection
Found a way in perfect love
To craft His word with life filled touch
He breathed into these jars of clay
Fragile yet so pure
He called these vessels by His name
Giving grace to walk with Him
He gave
The choice was freely given
To look to Him or turn away
The jars of clay
Eyes filled with wisdom from below
There they fell from heavens love
But God’s love would not let them go
He sent His Son in flesh and blood
Jesus who in perfect love
Took the final blow
To satisfy God’s holy wrath
By dying upon the cross
The death He died
Became our death
Our sin He bore
That we may bear our sin no more
The condemnation we deserved
He received that we may live
God’s righteousness
Through Christ’s death alone
Is fully satisfied and glorified

As we place our trust
In Christ alone
We are justified
Counted righteous by faith
In Christ alone
By His grace we have peace with God
Through Christ alone
He found a way
For His holy wrath and mercy to meet
In Christ
In Christ
In Christ alone
Let every jar of clay bow low
Before His humble feet
Let every jar of clay cry out
That through
His life
His death
His resurrection
May be found in perfect love
In Christ
In Christ
In Christ alone

Knowing You is enough

Beyond the waves of fear
That wash upon the shores of doubt
You call me out
To walk upon the water
Step into eternal light
In this light I see You
I see the path before me
The waves are stilled
While doubts are washed away
Knowing You
Here beside me
Knowing You
Is enough

Jesus Saviour of the world

Blistering rays and blinding light
Dried out in desert sand
Held in its grip
No place to hide
No rock to crawl under
No shade or resting place
Who will rescue me from this death
Who will show me the path of escape
Who will beckon me with freedoms voice
Showing me the way
Speaking the truth
Giving me life
Saviour of the world

A move of grace

Here in this quiet place
My soul begins to feed
Listening in silence
The city noises hushed
My busy life stilled
The whispering leaves
Begin to speak
As the wind blows through the branches
I didn’t realise how thirsty I was
How dry I’d become
Until I quietened my soul
Long enough for you to speak
First through creation
Then through your word
A breath away
A move of grace
In this moment of time

Always,I Am

I was there from the beginning
From before your mother’s womb
I saw your unformed body
Fashioned you
With loving kindness
Breathed my breath inside you
Watched patiently
As you took your first step
Every hair I counted
Heard each unspoken word
I was there in your most broken place
I was there when you hung your head in shame
I was there when there were no words
Just tears and doubt and pain
From birth
Through youth
Into old age
I was there
Am now
Will forever be
Watching and waiting
Just as in the beginning
Ancient of days beyond number
Alpha and Omega
Faithful to do
All I said I would
To perform every single word
For I placed my hand upon you
Separated and called you out
You are fully mine
Destined to be One
Never will I leave you
Never will we part
My hand is strong to hold you
Until the very end
Powerful to keep you
By my eternal word
Do not fear or worry
Nor anxious for a thing
Trust in me
Incline your ear
Listen for my voice
My word will always sustain you
Filled with grace and truth
Follow me into the deeper place
Touch and taste and see
Smell the fragrance of eternity
Placed inside your heart
The greatest treasure of all
To know and fully know
This love inside of you
Will always be enough
This love inside of you
Is my unfailing love

Jesus loves me this I know

I awaken to a new day of love
Faithfully rolling out its blanket of grace
Like the early morning dew
You cover me with mercy
Inviting me to drink
Deeper from your cup of life
You say
Come let my fountain wash over you
Come let me draw you in
Come that you may know me
Let your weary head find rest
Let my glory lift your head

You chase me down

Your grace chases me down
Outruns me every time
How can I resist such love
You resuscitate me
When I’m as good as dead
Breath your life into me
Awakening the eternal seed
Planted deep within
Turning me around to face you
To receive grace and live


Twenty eight years have passed this day
Since bride and groom we kissed
The towering heights of emotion rolled by
While depths of despair stood there
The overwhelming encompassing love of God
Has held us close to heart
To love
To love
To love
Our marriage vow
To never part
To hold on faithfully
To His promises
To love
To love
To love
To love
To love
To love

Red Carpet

You’ve risen up
To be
Long to be
You wait patiently
Listening for my cry
I remember your throne
Full of grace
There you are
Ready to help
Giving mercy
Pouring out grace
In this place of waiting
My longing for You grows
I can see
Once again
Your grace
Has rolled out the red carpet