Always,I Am

I was there from the beginning
From before your mother’s womb
I saw your unformed body
Fashioned you
With loving kindness
Breathed my breath inside you
Watched patiently
As you took your first step
Every hair I counted
Heard each unspoken word
I was there in your most broken place
I was there when you hung your head in shame
I was there when there were no words
Just tears and doubt and pain
From birth
Through youth
Into old age
I was there
Am now
Will forever be
Watching and waiting
Just as in the beginning
Ancient of days beyond number
Alpha and Omega
Faithful to do
All I said I would
To perform every single word
For I placed my hand upon you
Separated and called you out
You are fully mine
Destined to be One
Never will I leave you
Never will we part
My hand is strong to hold you
Until the very end
Powerful to keep you
By my eternal word
Do not fear or worry
Nor anxious for a thing
Trust in me
Incline your ear
Listen for my voice
My word will always sustain you
Filled with grace and truth
Follow me into the deeper place
Touch and taste and see
Smell the fragrance of eternity
Placed inside your heart
The greatest treasure of all
To know and fully know
This love inside of you
Will always be enough
This love inside of you
Is my unfailing love


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