In Christ alone

The author of perfection
Found a way in perfect love
To craft His word with life filled touch
He breathed into these jars of clay
Fragile yet so pure
He called these vessels by His name
Giving grace to walk with Him
He gave
The choice was freely given
To look to Him or turn away
The jars of clay
Eyes filled with wisdom from below
There they fell from heavens love
But God’s love would not let them go
He sent His Son in flesh and blood
Jesus who in perfect love
Took the final blow
To satisfy God’s holy wrath
By dying upon the cross
The death He died
Became our death
Our sin He bore
That we may bear our sin no more
The condemnation we deserved
He received that we may live
God’s righteousness
Through Christ’s death alone
Is fully satisfied and glorified

As we place our trust
In Christ alone
We are justified
Counted righteous by faith
In Christ alone
By His grace we have peace with God
Through Christ alone
He found a way
For His holy wrath and mercy to meet
In Christ
In Christ
In Christ alone
Let every jar of clay bow low
Before His humble feet
Let every jar of clay cry out
That through
His life
His death
His resurrection
May be found in perfect love
In Christ
In Christ
In Christ alone


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