You chase me down

Your grace chases me down
Outruns me every time
How can I resist such love
You resuscitate me
When I’m as good as dead
Breath your life into me
Awakening the eternal seed
Planted deep within
Turning me around to face you
To receive grace and live



Twenty eight years have passed this day
Since bride and groom we kissed
The towering heights of emotion rolled by
While depths of despair stood there
The overwhelming encompassing love of God
Has held us close to heart
To love
To love
To love
Our marriage vow
To never part
To hold on faithfully
To His promises
To love
To love
To love
To love
To love
To love

Red Carpet

You’ve risen up
To be
Long to be
You wait patiently
Listening for my cry
I remember your throne
Full of grace
There you are
Ready to help
Giving mercy
Pouring out grace
In this place of waiting
My longing for You grows
I can see
Once again
Your grace
Has rolled out the red carpet

Life is full

Watching and waiting
Where time is your servant
Not your master
The urgent weighed
Upon righteous scales
Life and action
Flow from this balance
Wisdom and insight
Order of the day
The delight of the night
Your head laid to rest
Knowing life is full
Life is abundant