Give thanks

Looking through the window of my eyes
I see the beauty that surrounds me
Everyday I see glimpses of You
Everywhere I hear Your voice
Echoing through creation
In the wind that blows through the leaves
The birds that sing
In the cool early morning of Delhi
In the middle of blistering summer
I feel You here with me
Knowing You
I have no greater reward in life
I give You thanks

O God

O God what can be written about You
That hasn’t already been said
What can be sung
That hasn’t been sung
Here with a new heart with fresh devotion
Filled with love for You
Let the words go out
Let the songs be sung
Let the record stand
That You are worthy to receive
All praise
All honour
All power
I give You thanks
O God
For Your steadfast love endures forever

All because of Jesus

You don’t count heads
You count hearts
Sent Your greatest treasure on earth
To bring back to yourself
Those that are Yours
I am Yours
The way showed me
Who You are
The truth revealed
Who You are
The life gave me
Who You are
My heart is now counted
In Yours

Arise shine

You light the fire in me that burns with eternal light
Holy irresistible blaze purifies and separates me
For Your glory
Your presence full and weighted
The heaviest and lightest in One
Glory fire lights me up
To burn brighter and brighter
With You
Lights me up
To shine
In this world

Holy Holy Holy

When the tide has turned
On that final day
When my fleeting breath will finally pass away
May a song of praise rise upon that breath
May it forever be heard
Through out eternal days
Resounding with heavens choir
With everything that has breath
Only one name upon my lips
The matchless name of Jesus
Holy holy holy
Holy Lord is He