Fifty five today

Today a time in my life came
When I looked around and saw
Eyes full of love and grace looking back at me
No hooks
No hidden agendas
No “What’s in it for me?”
Just pure agape
Rising to the occasion
Willing and surrendered
Loving me unconditionally
With this love my heart thrived
My eyes were stirred with deep holy affection
Longing to burst into eternity and stay there forever
As I saw all those beautiful eyes looking at me that way
I saw You
That God
You are love
That God
You have blessed me
Beyond what I’ve ever asked
Imagined or dreamed


Perfectly surrendered

Angels weep in awe
When we are crushed then ground
Under the millstone of suffering
And in quiet surrender
Bring our worship
Exuding the most beautiful fragrance
Reaching the courts of heaven
A pleasing aroma to God
A living sacrifice
Which becomes the bread on earth
That feeds the multitudes

Battle cry

As we marched around the walls
Day after day we heard Your voice
It didn’t seem clear at the start
Seemed foolish to those hanging over the walls
Jeering and mocking as we marched

We kept marching for we knew You had spoken
Just as You spoke to Moses and the waters parted
Now You spoke to Joshua
March around seven days
On the seventh day go around seven times

Day after day our faith was building
Stronger than the walls of Jericho
Day after day our faith was growing
Stronger than the mountains surrounding Jerusalem

The final day came
Around and around we marched
Then the shout of praise went out
Like the thunder of a powerful storm
The roar of the Lion of Judah met our praise
And the walls disintegrated back into dust

So arise people of God
Shout with all your strength
Arise people of God
Shout with all your heart
This is the day of breakthrough
With the word of faith that fills your mouth
And a two edged sword firmly in your hand.


Hidden gem
My heart
In Your hand
Polished and purified
Through living word
Eternal light
Shines in
Brighter than prisms reflect
Full of glory fire
For men to see

Groans so deep

With groans so deep
That words cannot express
This love within my breast
Such longing to enter
Into my final rest
To see and know
As I am fully known
To have and behold
To never be apart
That in Christ
The hope of glory
Eternally within my heart

Spiritual life

Spiritual life
Where does it come from?
The Word
Filled with promise
Breathed into me by the Holy Spirit
This Word comes alive
Like the wind
Like the rain
Like fire
It’s flawless
Altogether true
It’s powerful
To raise me from the dead
Cleanse every sin
Give me a new nature
Eternal life
Word breathed into me
Word of God
Christ in me
Spiritually alive

Deep cries out

I love the colour yellow
I saw it today bursting forth in bridal flowers
They brighten up the green with a cleansing beauty
Pointing me to the crimson
That washes me whiter than snow
In this magnificent display
I’m drawn to Gods mercy
Where grace awaits me
Takes me by the hand
Patiently stepping into mine
To lead me as a lover
Into a new day breaking forth like the dawn
My heart beats with a beauty
That lost lovers long for
Wait for
Even yearn for
How I long for that day
When finally this mortality
Will be clothed with immortality
Never apart
Not even for a beat of the heart

Gods Wonders

Thick in the jungle
Surrounded by birds
Still and quiet
Long enough to see another world
So many worlds within this world
When I come away from my four walls
Open the windows
Go through the wide open door
And look into the expanse of Gods wonders

Drenched in love

I watch your rushing wind
Sweep through the mountain pass
In it I hear the thunderous applause of creation
It’s stirring and awaiting the flame of your torch
Once lite the fire is eternal
Burning out all the dross
Purifying down to the roots
Then washing over with cleansing waves of Your word
Come wind and waves
Blow with the power of Gods kingdom
Wash over river of life
Saturate mankind
Till we’re drenched
In Gods love