Deep cries out

I love the colour yellow
I saw it today bursting forth in bridal flowers
They brighten up the green with a cleansing beauty
Pointing me to the crimson
That washes me whiter than snow
In this magnificent display
I’m drawn to Gods mercy
Where grace awaits me
Takes me by the hand
Patiently stepping into mine
To lead me as a lover
Into a new day breaking forth like the dawn
My heart beats with a beauty
That lost lovers long for
Wait for
Even yearn for
How I long for that day
When finally this mortality
Will be clothed with immortality
Never apart
Not even for a beat of the heart


Gods Wonders

Thick in the jungle
Surrounded by birds
Still and quiet
Long enough to see another world
So many worlds within this world
When I come away from my four walls
Open the windows
Go through the wide open door
And look into the expanse of Gods wonders

Drenched in love

I watch your rushing wind
Sweep through the mountain pass
In it I hear the thunderous applause of creation
It’s stirring and awaiting the flame of your torch
Once lite the fire is eternal
Burning out all the dross
Purifying down to the roots
Then washing over with cleansing waves of Your word
Come wind and waves
Blow with the power of Gods kingdom
Wash over river of life
Saturate mankind
Till we’re drenched
In Gods love