My highest thought

God the thought of loving You
As You love me
Is my greatest desire
There is no greater love than this
That You laid down Your life for me
To know You
To see You
To behold You
Let my heart and mind fill up and overflow
With such a thought
For I have no higher thought
Than You

No greater friend.

I know the taste of great victory
And the taste of great defeat
One as sweet as honey
The other as bitter as can be
Through both You are faithful
From beginning to the end
Lord I have no greater friend
More compassionate and true
No greater friend on earth
More patient and loving than you


Come to me

Come on
Walk with me
Come on
Talk to me
I’ll make it clear
Clearer than a crystal stream flowing from a mountain top
Solid like a rock never moved or shaken
Whether on the highest mountain
Or plummeting to the lowest depth
I’ll be there
Always with you
Never apart
With eyes filled with love
Compassion that knows no end
I’ll reach into the deepest place
Where only my hand can go
No human touch will ever reach that deep
That’s where I AM
Where you’ll always find me
So come on
Come to me

Only You

Nothing more exciting
No one more desirable
Than You
Encountering You
In depth
In vision
Beholding You
Outshines all others
Like staring at the sun
Full blaze
There is room for no other
Everything else is blocked
In full light
Of Your glory
To behold You
Is to want no other
To want no other
Is to become like You
To become like You
Is my greatest desire
Nothing more exciting
No one more desirable
Than You

The best is yet to come

I have no other hope
Other than
Your future glory
I look from this great mountain
Of justification
All the way across to the great mountain
Of glorification
Where I see
In Christ
The beginning and the end
Everything in between
Needing faith that holds on
Fighting till the end
In these lower foothill realms of earth
I’m tried and tested
Always looking to the rear view of mercy
Where in Christ my journey began
Always receiving covering grace
Empowering me in Christ for today
Always seeing the vision of glory
The future promise
In Christ the hope of glory
This eternal hope
Fills me and moves me
To arise and shine today
Knowing the best is yet to come

Such beauty

The waterfall cascaded down upon the rocks
The waters sparkled under the brilliance of the sun
Such beauty to behold
Such beauty every day unfolds
There’s so much evil in the world
If we don’t behold it’s beauty
We may crumble under its weight

Never give up

High upon a Himalayan mountain
The fire burns
The smoke ascends
With a boiling pot of chai upon its flame
This small glass of sweetness
Replenishing the weary body
Along this ancient trail
The many stories told around this fire
Carried down through the ages
Of battles fought
And victories won
Of snowed in passes
And defeat
Of tragedy and bravery
Of the many who came and placed their feet
This mountain grandeur
Calls me and draws me to my feet
To continue onward
To finish what I’d begun
To never give up
Until the journeys done