Such beauty

The waterfall cascaded down upon the rocks
The waters sparkled under the brilliance of the sun
Such beauty to behold
Such beauty every day unfolds
There’s so much evil in the world
If we don’t behold it’s beauty
We may crumble under its weight

Never give up

High upon a Himalayan mountain
The fire burns
The smoke ascends
With a boiling pot of chai upon its flame
This small glass of sweetness
Replenishing the weary body
Along this ancient trail
The many stories told around this fire
Carried down through the ages
Of battles fought
And victories won
Of snowed in passes
And defeat
Of tragedy and bravery
Of the many who came and placed their feet
This mountain grandeur
Calls me and draws me to my feet
To continue onward
To finish what I’d begun
To never give up
Until the journeys done


Pure consummation
The very nature of Christ
In my heart
The old man dead and gone
The new man has come
He’s alive
With this certainty
In Christ
The hope of glory
My new identity
Helps me to see
The future full of Christ
That I become
Full of Christ today


There is One
One that comforts
More than any other
More than the food that lifts up my soul
More than the sweetest honey
That brightens my eyes
More than the arms of my lover
Or the face of my children
More than the smiles and laughter
Of my grandchildren’s affection
More than the promise of an heir
With future and hope
More than knowing
My life has been fully spent
My gifts measured out with final reward
More than the songs
And dancing colours that flash across
The brilliant canvas of all my days
More than the pain and suffering
The agony and despair
More than life and breath itself
Knowing the comfort of my Comforter
Living inside of me
His eternity placed into my heart
Lights up for all eternity