Prying resentment
Out of the palm of your hand
One finger at a time
Takes a supernatural work
Of grace
Forgiveness starts by knowing
I’m forgiven
He holds no grudge against me

Hope never fails

Your hope tells me
You’ll never give up
It’s impossible
For Your love never fails
It’s impossible
For You’ll never leave
It’s impossible
For you’ll never lie
Your word is always true
Your hope washes over me
Wave after wave
An ever present help
In times of trouble
In the lowest depths
Lifting me to the greatest heights
Where I am seated
With Christ
In heavenly places

Step by step

Surrendered steps
One at a time
To the One
Who knows the path
Created the journey
Little by little
Moving forward
No matter what lies ahead
No matter how tough the terrain
The journey has begun
As surely as the sun rises and sets
As long as we have breath
Surrender to the cross
Never give up