The rule of the day

The rule of the day
There’s a bend in the road
I can’t see around the corner
Blind sides and blind spots
They come full speed to blind me
But there’s a brighter light
Shining through the blinding darkness
Where mercy triumphs
Over the weight of binding truths
The law trumped by grace so brilliant
Gloriously bright
Full of truth
No matter where the pendulum swings
Day or night
This grace
The rule


Captain of my soul

Your grace leads me
Into wide open expanses
Of deep ocean blue
Helps me navigate
Treacherous channels
Gaging the tides
Your grace stands beside me
Like a pilot at the helm
Placing my hands
Firmly on the wheel
You know my course
You know me full well
You blow wind into my sails
To feel the exhilaration
Of life full and free
To be patient in the doldrums
And times of despair

Giving glory

Just when I think it’s all over
I see the smallest of buds
Rising through the earth
So fragile
Beautifully green
Within them
Everything is alive
Ready to begin their journey
Ready to become
All they were destined for
Fruit bearing trees
Able to feed the multitudes
Abundant and full of life
Giving shelter beneath their branches
Stretched out far and wide
Healing lies within their evergreen leaves
Deeply rooted in the Rock of Ages
Giving glory
As they were destined to