Don’t let go

I’ve been lifted up
And I’ve been laid low
I’ve walked such lonely plains
That no one should ever know
Yet through it all
Your testimony is true
Such extraordinary kindness
Has always carried me through
My life held tight while dangled over
The precipice of turbulent waters
Your grip forever strong
Your voice echoing through my soul
Don’t let go
Don’t let go
Your power in me
Like a thousand stallions
Racing to the end
Such ferocious love
Such unrelenting grace
Surely what You said is true
You will finish what You said You’d do
Until I reach the end



This is my prayer
This is my dream
This is my vision
That You are exalted
Lifted up
Lifted high among every nation
Every tribe and tongue
That Your bride may behold
Your beauty
Your majesty
Your ever increasing glory
Carried away on love’s wings
Ascending forever on eternal praise
Swept into Your ocean of unfailing love
Where our heart’s cry is for You alone
Our desire for You alone

Worthy are You Lord
God Most High
Eternal King
Son of Righteousness
Come prepare us for that day
Which never ends
When time will cease
Where our heart’s cry for You alone
Will fully meet
Your desire for us alone


There is a proud beauty
That shines across each face
With smiles stretched wide
And tears that well up inside
As the soul beholds the wonder
Of music with it’s glory
Touching deep within
The dancing notes
The moving tones
The voice that takes you far beyond
Descending and climbing on every rise
Then leaves you on a gentle blanket
Laying your head to rest

Fragile leaves

I know what it’s like to be close to You
So close I feel Your breath whispering across
The leaves of my life
They come alive
Fanned into flame
With the beauty of Your fire
Helping me to see
Into Your eyes
The deepest acceptance of Your love for me
There’s no other like it
There’s no love greater
There’s no one like You
Here my heart is fully content in worship

I know what it’s like to be far from You
So far away that even the darkest shades of despair
Seem like comfort compared to the absence of knowing You

The further away
The deepest pain runs
The closer You are
The greatest joy reigns

So I will return to You my first love
Where Your mercy meets me
With wide open arms grace awaits
As wide as the heavens fill the sky
I will return to You with wide open arms
Where Your breath will blow
Through these fragile leaves once more


There is a power in suffering
A weight under the everlasting arms
Resurrection shines through
Lifting the weary head
Raising arms that hang down
Speaking to the fearful heart
Be strong
This double sided coin
Suffering and resurrection
Go hand in hand
Till one day
What He finished
Is finished in you

The reason why

There’s always someone
With a harder story
Greater loss
Deeper pain
Higher triumph
Richer exploit

Self analysis
With all it’s paralysis
Comparing your lot with another
Leaving you
Inflated or deflated

Edging God Out
Leaves you empty
Whether high or low
On a mountain top
Or valley below

There is no place
Where God does not exist
Until you know Him
Your life will always be
An existence that is meaningless