She’s a runaway slave that needs a new masters touch
She’s a bare footed beauty with a captive print
She’s a lost paradise waiting to be found
She’s a move on my tongue that slurs around the edge
Shes an edgy rush on a frosty new day
She’s a dim light shining in the bright of the night
She’s a pulsating heart in a river full flood
She’s won me over and I’m hers to be one

In my Master’s hands

I will spend my life
In my Master’s hands
As He shapes and moulds me
Into His perfect master plan
My true value is only found
In the final price my Master paid
His highest bid ransomed
What no other could
Every last drop of His life was spent
So I can spend mine for my Master
As I know I should
To have a lasting legacy
That brings
Thanksgiving and praise
This is all I want to remain
To spend my life as an offering
Fully spent
In my Master’s hands

Thoughts and words

A burst of words
Flash across the pages of my mind
They roll out in ink
Flowing one way
Then the other
Moving in time
Timelessly spoken
Do they count or give a care
Will they cause anyone to stop and stare
To wait
To consider
What words I will use
Will they be many or will they be few
Carried upon the lips of the wise
Or wasted along the way
Meaningless or forgotten
Thoughtful or counted
Pause before you think
Think before you speak

Dancing with demons. Dancing with God

Dancing with demons
Vacant eyes
Empty they stare
Behind the drunken clones
Souls are laid bare
Spinning in madness
To a relentless beat
Bowing down
To the jailer’s feet
Around and around
In meaningless steps
Lost in monotonous rhythm
Held tight in the tormentor’s web
Bound and chained
Inside his venomous nest
Dancing with demons

Dancing with God
His love lifting me up
To the place I was born to be
Held close
Held tight
Without worry or fear
Where perfect life flows abundant
Eternal hope fulfilled
All that my heart was created for
To know and be fully known
In love
Dancing with God


To lay it all down
Again and again
As if it’s the last time
No turning back
As full and as rich
As surrendering can be
In this surrender
There’s no defeat
No giving up
It’s the surrender that leads to victory
The victory greater than all victories
It tastes the sweetest of all
Whenever it passes by your bended knee

The rhythm’s of life

Dandelions blown across the breeze
Weightless motion floating
Taken here and there
Moving in waves across the sky
Thousands of seeds waiting their turn
In perfect time parachute to the ground
Finding their home
Where trees are birthed
Up from the earth
Fully grown
Once more
Dandelions blown across the breeze

Bright night

The night light view from the window
Spans into thick deep blue
Black borders beyond
Frame the evening
With its touch of beauty
The sunset a distant memory
I sit in darkness
Waiting for it to rise once more
For surely as it set
It will rise again
Bringing with it future and hope
The promise of a new day
But for now
I will enjoy the beauty of the evening light
Thinking about the night
The day
The future bright