There’s a steel behind those gentle eyes
Stretching out far and wide
Across the sands
Across the plains
Far upon the mountain rise
Filled with all the ocean’s power
Shining moons of glorious wonder
Stars that tell stories glittering beyond
With magic and awe
There is a display
Deeper than all earth’s treasures
Seen through eyes painted with love
Where steel and gentleness meet
Just one gaze lifts me up
To see the steel behind those gentle eyes


2 thoughts on “Chandra

  1. For you Tony:
    The fire in his eyes, ignited by the fire in his bones,
    Enkindled by the fire of his Father’s love,
    Running in the River, through the forests and fetid lanes,
    Consistent in commitment to set his vineyard ablaze with
    The intoxicating spirits of his Father’s love.
    Singing, playing chords heard in The Throne Room,
    Transforming and transmitting Heaven to earth,
    Bleeding out a pure version of Jesus’ grace,
    Set a flint to win his race!

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