Eternal pleasures

Eternal pleasures
That do not pass away
Eternal pleasures
That last beyond the day
Joy that knows no end
Love that never fades
God’s ever increasing glory
Pointing toward that day
A day without number
The day of the Lord
Eternal pleasures
At His right hand

Clear conscience

Driven or drawn
Striving or surrendered
There’s a context for both
Drawn by God’s love
Then driven forward by the same love
Surrendered to God’s love
Then striving with the same love
To do good
With a clear conscience
Before God and man

Lost in himself

What will be remembered
What vanities will last
Narcissist looked back into the mirror
The same as every day
Not just a glance
Never satisfied
An unrelenting passion for more
Fixated on his own image
Lost outside of wonder
No mystery
Unable to see beyond
Just the same hypnotic gaze
Relentlessly looking down the same barrel
Where the bullet never finds it’s mark
He can’t see the glory of the sun
Nor feel the wind upon his face
He knows not the reason for his work
His eye is never satisfied
Nor his ear tired of hearing his name
With him is nothing new
No beginning or end to his madness
He is like a stream that never reaches the sea
A mountain that never rises or sees the glory
Lost without knowing his true image
Lost in himself
He is lost

Heaven’s Nectar

My heart is so quickly
Swept away in wonder
A rush of longing
Deeper than I know
Richer than I’ve seen
Endless rivers
Cascading down paradise mountains
Sweet is the taste of heaven’s nectar
Leaving me
For more
In eternity


Grace causes me to yield
At my Masters feet
No longer a slave
Awakened to His call
Surrendered to His voice
Captive to His love
No longer condemned
Every dead chain broken
To the sound of
Victory shouts
And victory banners
Waved high above my head

Wisdom calls

Pulled this way and that
Where is your centre
The gravity force that holds you
Keeps you upright
Walking straight
When so many roads lead to destruction
Wisdom has a voice
A name
Where fools choose not to follow
Listen to her voice
Her instruction leads
Along a narrow path
Where you will find