True riches

The rich complexity of the poor
Found in their knowledge
Their understanding unearthed from the rubble
Stories of courage
Wilful determination and heart
Some admired
Having come out of the mud and mire
Hung on society walls as rags to riches trophies
Most pitied as they stand on the streets of despair
Ignored by many in the world
Who look away
Passing by their lot
Assuming they have nothing to offer
While the treasure of their stories remain untapped
Stop long enough to listen and learn
Then partner with the poor
To make the world a richer place


How fragile we are
Beautiful fragrant flowers
Sometimes open in full bloom
Then closed and locked away
Fleeting yet eternal
Lord blow on this flower
That its fragrance may be shed abroad


Peace found me
High up on a mountain
I was lost
He called my name
Grace opened my ears
I heard His voice
Listened as one being taught
Felt the sound of His touch
Like no other
Knew the power of His name
Like no other
Prince of peace

In love

Your love whispers inside me
Blows on my garden
Once again Your gentle breeze lifts me up
Puts wings to my flight
Plants courage into my step
Renewing hope to run my race
Run with arms outstretched
Legs made strong firm steadfast
Where my heart beats as one
With you
As one in love


You’ve found a place for me
A home away from home
With You
Till we’re together forever
The wait seems so long
The time moves so slowly
Eternity held in my heart
Reminding me where I belong
With You
At home

Resurrection and life

Looking into the face of death
Pledging an oath
You will not have me
You don’t own me
Pain serves only to remind me
Death has been swallowed up
It’s final sting removed
By the greatest act of bravery
The world has ever known
Courage that causes me
To stop and gasp
By the power of love
Seeing with open eyes
The One who
Sets me free
Who rendered death powerless
Jesus Christ
The resurrection and life