He never lets go

Hold on
Hold out
Hold up your hands
To the One who surrendered all
Who was
Bruised and battered
Shamed and rejected
Lost for our sin
So we could be found in His forgiveness
Found in grace
Holds on
Holds out
Holds up our hands
From beginning till the end
Never letting go
Never giving up


How kind You are

Your breeze finds a way
Even with the door slightly ajar
It’s enough to blow over me
A gentle whisper
Upon my face
A refreshing wind 
Reminding me 
Your presence is always near
How graciously You come
To put strength into me
Raise my head
To see
How patient
How kind
You are

Hopes eternal anchor

Spinning around
In lost circles
One glimpse of hope
Turns me
Toward You
My destiny
With You
Held forever
Kept by Your side
Deep in You
A vision without You
Is like
An ocean without waves
A sky with no sun
A life with no breath

Loving hands

Unlikely alliance
Who would have guessed it
Surprised by the unexpected
Delighted by Your orchestration
Your masterful hand
Your divine intervention
You always see ahead
Know what is best
Seeing Your work
Knowing Your ways
No safer hands
In heaven or on earth
None more loving
Than Yours

In His strength

Melt down
When it all falls apart
With nothing to hold on to
Keeping it together
In my own strength
Completely exhausted
When eventually the wheels come off
Who is there to put them back on
Give new strength
Steady my knees that give way
Lift up my arms that hang down
Say to my fearful heart
Be strong
Take courage
I know my redeemer lives
He renews
Restores me
He was there from the beginning
He faithfully remains
To the end