Your gifts
Open a door
To see through a window
Where a candle burns
Drawing me to a holy fire
Without beginning or end
The light
Whose face
Burns brighter than the sun
Who gives
Every good and perfect gift

More of You

Your mercy
Finds me
Every morning
Grace lifts me up to see
Your unfailing love
Watching over me
Your eye
Is never off me
Your heart
Always moved with compassion
To take my hand
And lead me on
And into
More of You


Deeper still
Into anguish
Where passion is birthed
Through tears of pain and mourning
Where prayer is birthed
From a deep place of agony
Moved by long suffering
Seeing the walls broken down
Lying crumbled in ruins
The gates burnt to cinders
And honour stripped away
In this naked place
Of hearts exposed
Let me see You
Hear Your voice
Above all the calamity
To know that
Are the great and awesome God
Who keeps His covenant of love
That out of the rubble
The walls will be rebuilt
The gates will be restored
Hearts will be made new
Declaring Your praise
With songs of joy filling the city
When multitudes of nations
Will see and hear and know
The glory of Your great name


Draw near

Your dream
Is greater than my greatest nightmare
It outshines the sun
Your love
Is deeper than my deepest fear
It drives away every trace
Your hope
Is always there to lift my sights above this world
To see where I belong
Your grace
Is held out in readiness every day
Waiting for me to come
To draw near to You with childlike faith
To call upon Your name
To place my life into Your hands
To know that we are truly one

Himalayan Java

The kid has come
He’s in town
He’s bursting out over the coffee rim
With full smile delights
The waiting stands paused
Ready to take
The first sip
The aroma
The flavour
Swirling around his dizzy head
Slides smoothly down
Richly satisfied
The next sip