Draw near

Your dream
Is greater than my greatest nightmare
It outshines the sun
Your love
Is deeper than my deepest fear
It drives away every trace
Your hope
Is always there to lift my sights above this world
To see where I belong
Your grace
Is held out in readiness every day
Waiting for me to come
To draw near to You with childlike faith
To call upon Your name
To place my life into Your hands
To know that we are truly one


Only You

Only You
Can love completely
Only You
Can take the highest place
Take me into the deepest chamber
Where everything else is burnt up
Consumed in the fire of Your love

Himalayan Java

The kid has come
He’s in town
He’s bursting out over the coffee rim
With full smile delights
The waiting stands paused
Ready to take
The first sip
The aroma
The flavour
Swirling around his dizzy head
Slides smoothly down
Richly satisfied
The next sip

Great is Your Name

Chariots of fire
And myriads of angels
Surround the throne
And the Lamb who sits enthroned
Exalted on high
Jesus king of glory
The twenty four elders
Cast their crowns
Before His feet
And cry
Holy holy holy
All creation yearns
For the revelation
Of the sons of man
Awaiting for the One
Who is glorified in heaven
To be glorified on earth
Jesus majestic king
Be glorified in all the earth
Even as the heavens display
Your glory
Let Your name be heard
Amidst the praise
Of all creation

Finish strong

From the grandstands of heaven
The multitudes who have gone before us
Cheer us on
Finish strong
They shout
Run your race
This cloud of witnesses
Testify of the One
Who said
“It is finished”
The author and perfecter
Of our faith
His voice the loudest of all
Cheers us on
To the finishing line

Happy is my heart

My heart is happy
My soul is at rest
Resting in the resting place
Of my delight
Grace quickens me
Beckons me
To come
Draw near
Enter the inner chambers
Where love feasts on
Eternal fruit
Born in the heart of
The Eternal One
My one true desire
My greatest love
The longing of my heart fulfilled
Where emptiness no longer reigns
My heart is happy
My soul is at rest