You’re always there

You go before
Every step I take
Walk beside watching
Every move I make
Move within
Deep valleys of despair
Drive away
All my fears
Lift me up
To mountain heights
To see what You see
From heaven above
Send me out
With Your unfailing love
Everywhere I go
You are there

Your grace

Like a cool breeze
On a hot summers day
Blows across my face
Shelters me
Under the outstretched branches
Of evergreen
Brilliant rays filter through it’s leaves
And dance across my face
I feel your glory all around me
Caught up in wonder
As a child
By Your grace


Standing in grace

Fully present
In grace
Grace that holds on
Never gives up
Grace that speaks to the weary heart
Be strong
Grace that lifts up the hands that hang down
Steadies the knees that give way
Grace that says to the fearful heart
I am with you
Grace always takes the first step
Bowing down in humility
Under grace
I stand
Once more
In Your presence

Man centred / God centred

Hiding behind apathy
Passivity lacks all empathy
Sympathy nowhere to be found
Arguing every case so logically
Carnally with every step
Life fleshed out selfishly
Egotistically centred
There’s a twist so tragically
Standing outside God eternally

Unconditionally surrender to God
He paid the price sacrificially
To redemptively make known His love
He reigns magnificently
Rules victoriously
Gives life abundantly
Generously fights against poverty
Graciously gave away all He could give
Now to Him belongs all honour and power and praise
To Christ the risen King be glory for all eternity

Triune God

You placed eternity in my heart
That I might know You
The Infinite One
Without limit
No beginning or end
All powerful
All knowing
Everywhere present
Self existent
You are God

Hold On

When all the odds
Are stacked against
God’s character
When logic is silenced
In the face of sovereign love
God is good
This hope
Defies my reason
In the deepest pain
Living with mystery
Not knowing
Yet knowing
I am held
I hold onto
God is good
God is love


Back on your feet
After all has tumbled down
The heart of the city still beats
The blood flows through
While for others it drained out
Buried under the rubble
With first steps still shaking
After the shock waves have rolled by
Some fearful hearts sit and wait
Will another quake come and shake
Steady steps gather momentum
Hope held out in readiness
For those who walk toward its voice
Little by little
Brick by brick
Life by life
The pulse rising once again
To a new day
Unflinching courage
Through the storm
A new humility
A quiet confidence
Peace begins to settle once more
Across the same mountains
That shook the earth