Hold On

When all the odds
Are stacked against
God’s character
When logic is silenced
In the face of sovereign love
God is good
This hope
Defies my reason
In the deepest pain
Living with mystery
Not knowing
Yet knowing
I am held
I hold onto
God is good
God is love


Dead men’s bones

When truth and love are separated
The law comes in as a powerful flood
Washing away grace’s liberating touch
Leaving behind the remains of a dead cathedral
Beautiful on the outside
Yet full of dead men’s bones


Back on your feet
After all has tumbled down
The heart of the city still beats
The blood flows through
While for others it drained out
Buried under the rubble
With first steps still shaking
After the shock waves have rolled by
Some fearful hearts sit and wait
Will another quake come and shake
Steady steps gather momentum
Hope held out in readiness
For those who walk toward its voice
Little by little
Brick by brick
Life by life
The pulse rising once again
To a new day
Unflinching courage
Through the storm
A new humility
A quiet confidence
Peace begins to settle once more
Across the same mountains
That shook the earth

Fully loaded

Lifting my sights to higher ground
Taking captive every thought
Not stooping down to a depraved mind
Loving God with my whole mind
Having the mind of Christ
His thoughts inside my head
His life in me
As He was on earth
So He is through me
His kingdom come
Here now
As it is in heaven
Here now
Separated in this world
Which continually draws blanks
Armed and dangerous
Fully loaded
Hitting the mark
With the power of God
His word
A two edged sword
In my hand

Rested Warrior

Still your head warrior
Lay down to rest
Quietly sit
Take in deep breaths
Of tranquil trees
Set your gaze
Upon evergreen leaves
Let them soothe
Your weary soul
As waves of peace
Roll over you
Crystal calm
With gentle healing touch
Grow strong
For the day will come
When you will rise
To fight once more

Twenty Nine Years

This well worn glove
Smooth and aged
I’m drawn to its beauty
Seen it weather the storms
All the home runs and strike outs
Watched it fall to the ground
Then raised once more
With deep lines filled with oil
There’s no other fit that can match
I remember the first day
So beautiful and pristine
Like children we played
Now through all the years
It has grown to become
The most faithful of all
My most treasured friend
The game is still on
The match to be won
No words can describe
The honour
The pleasure
Such joy deep inside
That you and I
Still fit like a glove


Your mercies are new
Awaiting all
Who turn toward You
Great advocate High Priest
You are
So close to those
Both near and far
Every cry from the depth of my heart
You hear
Every step I take
Out of holy fear
Lead me on and up
To higher ground
May my heart always
In You be found