Song maker

Ancient songs 
Dance through
Sunburst skies

Echoing rhythms of long ago

They’re carried down 

Wave after wave 

Through every generation

These holy anthems 

Are found in hearts redeemed

Who long to be found


With the Song Maker

My love

One dreamCan preserve a nation

One touch

Can last a lifetime

One heart on fire

Can blaze through the darkness

Loves voice

Speaks through the ages

Breathes life into dead bones

Quietens the raging storm

Comforts the battle worn heart

Strengthens the weak knees
This sparrow takes to flight

Bowed in humility

Rising higher than ocean waves

Crossing mountain peaks

Till the groom calls out my name


Come away with me 

My love

Let’s dance


Eternally anchored

So many centuries
Have passed away

Lying in ruins

Along the way

Ancient paths

Where men still tread

Stories are told

Of those long dead

Future promises

Held onto

Rising above

The smouldering decay

Pointing to

A time to come

Eternally anchored

Until that day 

Childlike Wonder

The exquisite beauty 

Of childlike wonder

A gaze of awe

Then the rush 

Of exhilarating pleasure

Popping open like champagne 

Flowing over with uncontainable joy

The essence of faith

Filled with childlike wonder

What fragrance can be compared

Who’s in control

Clinched fists 

Teeth biting down
Holding on for dear life
So help me God

Mans ability to take charge

Stay in control

Eventually runs out of steam

The coals that fire up the engine

Are supernatural 

Sustained by grace

Drawn along parallel tracks

Of Gods word and Gods power

Without both

This train is going nowhere

Your ways

Your faithfulness
Is unfailing


To know

I’m held that tight

Secures me

To the depth of my soul

Moves me

In Your direction

Helping me walk

As one being taught

Learning to listen

Then following 

Your ways