Offence is a shady friend

With no love lost

Like a slither of ice 

Melting away into a wasteland

Empty and meaningless

The close companion to offence


When full blown

Leaves nothing but bitterness

Bitterness knows no end

Like a raging fire

Leading to defilement

All who draw near and touch this root

Are poisoned by its fruit

Jesus is the rock of offence

Fall on Him who was broken

So every offence can be broken off

Rendered powerless under His grace

With no shame to be found


Don’t give up

Impossibilities stand in the way

With full resistance

Full stops and brick walls

Like a mule

They stubbornly dig in

Absolutely no way through

Except through faith

Faith removes mountains

Doing the impossible

Nothing is impossible for God

Just believe

My story

Grace came

Set my feet on a Rock

The storm raged but

Here I stand on solid ground

Shaking upon the unshakable

Moved by the mountain mover


To tell my story

Of life and death

The story of my Great Redeemer’s love

Here I stand

My feet on the Rock

Arms outstretched

Raised to the heavens

Giving praise to the Rock of my salvation



Living in a fools paradise

Where satisfying the senses 

Becomes the only reason

No vision of the future

Or what it holds

Just here and now

All restraints cast off

Into an abyss of defiled pleasures

So it is for the hedonist

Who turns His back on God

And finds he is empty

Though he thinks he is full

In His hand

An explosive faith


Never giving up

Not driven along rails of belief and unbelief

Doubt or fear

Having assurance


As certain as the sun rises and sets

Whether I’m inside or out

I know it’s there

Just like the air I breath

I know the Creator

My Maker

He is my rock

My salvation

He holds all living things

In His hand

I believe

Therefore I am safe

In His hand


Pride knows no limit

It feasts at every table

Its invited to

Like a glutton

It gloats over every morsel

With a constant lust for more 

Like greed

Its insatiable

Never satisfied or ever will be

Pride always goes before a fall

So when you fall

Cry out to God

He always lifts up the broken hearted

Who are bowed down in humility

Then takes them into His resting place 

I believe

This is my call

To believe

That Christ has given me

The only way to God

Through His death


And resurrection

My faith lived out in the world

Will be an offence

To one 

The stench of death

To another

The fragrance of life

This is my call

This is what I believe

Faith overcomes the world

The world 

Wants to put you in a straight jacket 

Silence your voice

Reduce you to mediocrity

Where things engross you

Tangle you up

Choke out the true seed
Hearing His word

Planted deep within

Knowing His voice

Speaking over you

You are born of God

Born of my Spirit

Living in you

You are mine

Paid for in full

Through the blood of Jesus

You belong to me
The things of the world


This is the victory

That overcomes the world

Our faith