The Lord is my Shepherd

Jesus good shepherd
Take me to where there are no limits
Across the other side

Where the grass is always greener

And the sky is blue as blue can be

To those banks beside still waters

Where I can lie down and drink from You

The place my soul can soar so high

The path my feet can freely walk 

Praising Your name the greatest of all

Exalted to the highest place

In You I find my true hiding place

I’ve seen the dark valley

Touched it’s darkest sides

Fear can not touch me

When You’re close by my side

I’ve climbed the highest mountain

Felt Your rush of wind deep down inside

Your strong arm has led me to safety

And brought me in to see

Your lamp a light to my feet

Both near and far beyond the farthest sea

Your banquet table is where I belong

Feasting in Your presence abundantly

This is where I long to be

The enemy at bay

He can’t even see in

Your anointing oil flows in me and over me

I am fully satisfied

Goodness and mercy has followed me

Always close by my side

I know You will take me 

Across to the other side

Now Your love follows me

And patiently awaits

Where Your love is leading me 


To my final resting place


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