Perfect Gift

You crown our lives
With your bounty
Out of Your abundance
Your treasures flow

The riches of your love

How unceasing 

Who could measure them out

Beyond infinity

Such is your life

Our pure and perfect gift

The knowledge of Your sacrifice

Such kindness

That has come to us

Through Jesus Christ

Our Redeemer

Saviour Son of God

All praise and honour

And glory be

Both now and for all eternity

Written on His heart

You are a fragrant offering
A pleasing sacrifice

Written on the Fathers heart

Engraved upon His hands

So deeply loved

And greatly treasured

Held within His heart

His eyes upon you

Never loosing sight

Of the beauty and the wonder

The glorious sacrifice

Of Christ 

Who brought you 

To His side

I find You in the song

You are here with me 

As I surrender

Mighty One who saves

I find You in the song 

You find me as I sing

You dance around me

With unbound emotion

Spinning around in holy joy

I find You in the song 

You find me as I sing

Your love quietens me

to a gentle whisper

As You lift Your voice

and loudly sing

I find You in the song 

You find me as I sing

This is love

Love is a comforting word

For too many that’s all it is
Nothing deeper than a word

That slips out from someone’s lips

Nothing beyond the moment

The second that it took

Love is more than a word

More than the time of day

More than a song or the things we say

This is love

Not that we loved God

But that He first loved us 

He sent His son Jesus

An offering for our sins

This is love

That we walk with Him

According to His word

Freely loving one another

With the love He freely gives


The jungle swallowed me whole
As I walked through its thick
Leaves and branches

Spread out as far as the eye could see

Lush and alive

Breathing down my neck

Myriads of sounds

Not a human voice to be found

Just the mystic echoes of the past

Written along the rings of trunks

Which only the wild can read

The mystery and the wonder

Draws and pulls me in

To somehow be 

Alone and lost

In this perfect tranquility

The Lord is my Shepherd

Jesus good shepherd
Take me to where there are no limits
Across the other side

Where the grass is always greener

And the sky is blue as blue can be

To those banks beside still waters

Where I can lie down and drink from You

The place my soul can soar so high

The path my feet can freely walk 

Praising Your name the greatest of all

Exalted to the highest place

In You I find my true hiding place

I’ve seen the dark valley

Touched it’s darkest sides

Fear can not touch me

When You’re close by my side

I’ve climbed the highest mountain

Felt Your rush of wind deep down inside

Your strong arm has led me to safety

And brought me in to see

Your lamp a light to my feet

Both near and far beyond the farthest sea

Your banquet table is where I belong

Feasting in Your presence abundantly

This is where I long to be

The enemy at bay

He can’t even see in

Your anointing oil flows in me and over me

I am fully satisfied

Goodness and mercy has followed me

Always close by my side

I know You will take me 

Across to the other side

Now Your love follows me

And patiently awaits

Where Your love is leading me 


To my final resting place

Lost in wonder

I saw behind the eyes

The beautiful woman

That pretty girl

Once lost in wonder

Those eyes

Now tired and glazed over 

Sad and lost inside

The pain and suffering seen

Too much to behold

There’s One

With eyes of love and fire 

That burn from deep within

They turn tears of sorrow and darkness

Into streams of joy and radiant light

To see into those eyes

Into His eternal gaze

Sets the beautiful woman free

That the pretty girl once lost

Is now found

In wonder


Love Divine

Higher than the highest mountain
Wider than the darkest blue
Deeper than the deepest ocean

I’m so in love with You

Stronger than the bonds of marriage

Further than all galaxies

Richer than all earthly treasures

Jesus I’m in love with You