God of peace

A guarded heart

A guarded mind

A resting place

Where Your peace abides 

God of peace

Why should I be anxious

Worried or afraid

You are here with me

Always close at hand

I pour out my heart 

With all kinds of prayers and praise

Giving thanks for all You’ve done

I guard my heart 

I guard my mind 

So Your peace 

That surpasses all understanding

Through Christ is truly mine


From now until then

Should this be my last song

And my final breath

This melody and line

Would be my most beautiful 

And brightest yet

I’m saving my best for the last

But for now

I’ll not stop loving and giving

Till then

Your song holds and keeps me

With Your breath inside

Stirring up love

From deep within

My faith is certain

My hope is alive

For I know

You hold me and keep me

From now until then

Master and masterpiece

If I were to stop speaking

Where would my words run 

If I were to stop thinking

Would my heart no longer beat

Out of my heart thoughts flow

Out of my mind words go

My heart

My mind

My words


How I know You

They paint the picture

Tell the story

The true colours of heart and thoughts

Words and deeds

Painted across this canvas


Your beauty


What’s false 

By the stroke of Your love


You have painted me 

Into Your creation

And with every loving touch

You’re finishing

What You began

Come take your stand

Out of this barren land

The promises of God

Are all at hand

A mighty wall before me stands

God beckons me

Come take your stand

Stand in my strength and power

Clothe yourself with me

In this finest hour

My promises for you will always stand

God beckons me

Come take your stand

You will see the walls come crumbling down

You will hear the shouts of praise

From all around

As every brick and stone hits the ground

God beckons me

Come take your stand

The Turban tree

Underneath this turbaned tree

Evergreen leaves 

Flourish under grace

Each branch grafted in

Love flows from its deepest root

Stretching toward every newborn bud

The eternal Son

Streaming down from above

Giving life 

Each leaf coming alive 

Under His rays

Reflecting His glory

Like heavenly lights

Shining for all the world to see

Bearing fruit

Bringing healing

To all who draw near

To find rest

Under His shade 

My dream

The deeper I go with You

The deeper I’m taken into Your dream

Your dream captivates me

Challenges me

To my inner core

Brings me to the limit

To find the depths of You

That’s where I want to be

In the depths of knowing You

Lifted up to new heights

While exploring new impossibilities

Moving in the miraculous

While walking in the temporary

Living in the eternal

Dreaming of You 

On Earth 

While seated with You

In Heaven

My Lord

Grace flows from a wise mans lips

Lifting me up

Strengthening and establishing me

Helping me to place my feet

Upon the Rock of Ages

Pointing me toward

The immovable


Living Word

There is no shifting shadow with Him

He is the same today 

As He was yesterday 

And will forever be

Full of grace and truth

Truth that sets me free

Grace that empowers my freedom

While always affirming

How greatly loved I am 

Jesus the only true wise Son

Saviour of the world

My Lord


Holy holy holy

Such beauty

Absolute perfection

Your smile lasts a lifetime

I see Your reflection

In every tall tree

Each blade of grass

Stretching high

In exaltation


Your glory 

I bow in reverence

In awe


Holy holy holy

Lord God almighty

Holy holy holy

Lord God are You