New day new dawn

A new day

Filled with You

Filled with beauty and wonder

A new dawn

To discover

More of You

My secret treasure

My glory delight 

I’m sheltered

Covered under Your wings

They envelop me

Outside in

Inside out

I’m bursting to overflow

Springtime is here

The Son

Is shining in me



Your Word

Leads me to You

Unveils my eyes

To see

What I’d never seen before

To hear 

The deepest truth

To know

The author and perfecter


Living Word

Redeemed me

Transforms me

Empowers me

To love

Living life

Fully and abundantly 

According to Your Word

Your promises are

Thousands upon thousands

Each one carries a part of You

Able to unlock

A part of me

Helping me

To behold You

To become like You

To shine

Just with You

There is a place

I long to be

Right there

Near Your throne

There is a place

I long to be

Right there 

Next to You

Just to be with You

Just with You

You are the one

My heart longs for

You’re the one

I long to see

You are the one

My heart longs for

You’re the one

I long to be like 

Just to be like You

Just like You


Just with You


Gods cathedral

I walk among creation

My senses fully engaged

Looking over the extravagant expanse

Of extraordinary beauty

I behold His glory

I touch

I taste and see

He is good

I smell the fragrance

I hear the wonder of it all

As I listen

My heart is drawn

To praise

To give thanks

To worship

In His holy temple

As I walk in Gods cathedral

I hear creation

Declaring His glory


I am accepted

Not based on who I am

Or what I’ve done

I am accepted based on


Who He is

And what He did

I accepted

Who He is

And what He did


I am saved


Jesus the Saviour of the world

Is my Saviour

Quiet time

Spirit of God

You come with a still small voice

Extraordinarily gentle

I quieten my heart

To listen

Your present wonder

My longing home

Not a clinical testimony of the past

A living memory

Experiencing You

A genuine encounter

My eyes wide open

My ears filled with living words

My heart knowing love

Knowing You

Be still

A thousand voices

Screaming from every direction

Internet addiction

Affirmation junkies

Information overload


So full

Yet so empty

The price is too high

To be taken so low

Silence is golden

It’s precious


The greatest investment

To quieten your soul

To be still and know God

Hearing His voice 

Above all the other voices  

It is well with my soul

I don’t just want poems to speak for themselves

I want them to speak to you

Of Him

The source of help along the way

Who lifts you up 

Strengthens you

Brings comfort to your soul

When the journey is steep and rough

Remember you are fearfully and wonderfully made

Delight yourself in God

He will enrich your life

Fulfilling the desires of your heart

Your heart is an ocean

A river

A reservoir 

Filled with God’s unceasing love

Flowing with His life 

The richest resource

The greatest gift

The pearl of great price

Be lifted up today

And say

It is well with my soul