A Voice

A voice cries out in the wilderness

Make way for the Lord

Speak up for those without a voice

Defend the poor whose rights are violated

Their voice too often falling to the ground

The destitute stand helpless

Unless you take your stand on their behalf

Give voice to their cry

Give strength to their legs

Take them from where they can’t walk

To running their race

Every child created by God

Made in His image

Has a right to be safe

A right to be heard

A right to live

Wisdom cries out

Hear my voice

Speak to me

Know me

Treasure my instructions 

They are life to those that find them

The gems the poor need to hear

These pearls of wisdom

You must freely give

These words are the words 

You are to live by 

These words are the words

You are to speak  


I don’t want a light grip of You

Or a small grasp of who You are

I don’t want a dim view of how

Beautiful You truly are

To see You


The power of Your love

The depth you sunk to

To pay the price 

You paid for me


I remember You

And testify of who You are

The Son of God

Risen Saviour 

I will tell the world of

Your great redeeming love

Put your hope in God

Washed up

Wiped out

There’s always hope

Even when the tree has fallen 

And it’s stump lays dead within the ground

Just the scent of water

Is enough for it to bud again

New shoots will grow

A planting of the Lord instead

Even when my heart fails

And I feel as if I’m abandoned

Gods love will never fail

He will finish what He began

My hope is this

I know He can

My faith is this

I know He will

So I will fight

The good fight of faith

Taking hold of this eternal life

I will fight for hope and not surrender

To discouragement knocking at my door

Though I feel as if I’m drowning

God rules the waves and seas

Jesus calms the troubled waters 

As deep cries out to deep

My song of praise

In surrender

A sacrifice rising higher than this heavy load

Even with a deadly wound

I remember who conquered the grave

I will preach to my soul

Why are you downcast?

Put your hope in God 

I will preach to my soul

Put your hope in God

The crucible

In the crucible

Through the fire

The tests of faith do rage

Out of this melting pot

Pure gold will come

As pure as gold can be

All scum and dross

Sifted out

The old man lies powerless

In his grave

The new man raised victorious

The old has gone

The new has come

Death finally swallowed up

Through Christ’s unfailing love

The glorious riches of this mystery 


That Christ 

The hope of glory 

Now lives in me


The earth lies warm

While the leaves cover it

Waiting for a blanket of snow

Seasons come and go

The warm days

The cool nights

The wind blows

The rain falls

Reminding me

How constant change surrounds me

There’s beauty and wonder

There’s order in it all

Within this magnificent order

Organic life flows

Making me aware 

Of my need to trust


I don’t know 

Which way the wind will blow

But I know the One

Who created it’s breath

While He holds the wind

In His hand

He never lets me go

The sweetest kiss

Do you want 

The rarest and most beautiful of treasures?

Do you want

To know the power that lies behind them?


She’s the one with the sweetest kiss on my lips

Crying out on my busy street

Pointing me to future hope

Where promises are fulfilled

And faith is rewarded

With knowing God


She reaches out to take my hand

And places it in the hand of God

So together our hearts are glad