Jesus Living Word

Hearing Your Word

Without knowing You

Leads me to an image

I can’t behold

Touch or know

My relationship

To Your Word

Outside of knowing You

Is like an arrow 

Without a bow

I can’t fly

I can’t walk or run

When You breathe 

Your Word

Inside of me

It becomes living

It becomes active

Something miraculous



I can fly

I get new legs

For a new race

Weariness is consumed

When I grow faint

I don’t pass out on the journey 

Your Eternal Word

Infallible and powerful

From Your lips

To me personally

By Your Spirit

Transforms me

Renews me 

Empowers me 

Sustains me

Invites me in

To the depths of knowing You

Into the depths of Your glory

We’re I become like You


One with You

In Word and deed


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