Treasured possession

You are absolute

Your character

Absolutely perfect

Your nature without question



Totally utterly

Completely perfect

With You

There’s nothing around the fringes

You can’t be hedged in

As a mortal being

To influence the absolute

Is like trying to fathom the depths

Of who You are

Your thoughts are higher

Your ways are greater

Yet You are mindful of man

You stoop down to lift me up

To make me great

The depth of such grace

Reaching down to the lowest pit

The height of such love

Raising me up to the highest heaven

The breadth and width of such sacrifice

That paved the way through Christ Himself

To come to You Father

Brings me to my knees

In surrender

I freely give my life

To trust 

Your absolute character and nature

To influence me entirely 

That I my be

Absolutely Yours


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