The end is near

The silent platforms

Bear witness

To a fading dawn

As a reminder of an age

That is drawing near the end

The crush of darkness

Will soon be swept away

As the brightness of a new dawn

Begins to rise

Politicians and corporates

One day will cease

They’ll be driven

With all their power and authority

Down upon their knees

The brands and labels

Slick and savvy

With all the gold that glitters

Flashing around our heads

Will finally loose its lustre

As filthy lucre falls 

No more to rise upon a drunken bed

The depth of darkness 

To where man has sunk

The blood

The poison

The death 

The rage

Leaves this world


Barren and ablaze

The new heaven

The new earth

Will eclipse this falling star

Till that day

Multitudes stand waiting

For God’s people to arise

To shine into this darkened hole

With the glory of Christ the risen King

His power 

Releases imprisoned slaves

And sets the captives free

His love

Melts the bars of bronze

To lead those out of darkness

Where His living light

Can open the eyes of all who want to see

Call upon His name

Confess that Christ is Lord

For the Saviour of the world

Appeared and destroyed the devil’s work

He will deliver you 

From that dreadful day

So humbly bow your knee  

Come to Jesus now

This glorious King 

Longs to set you free


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