How glorious You are

When I find You in the song

In the voice that comes from above

I’m moved deeply to my inner core

Your beauty draws me in

The words

The lines

The melodies

Resonate in my heart

In the most perfect way

Causing me to taste and see

That through Your gifts 

How glorious You are


Finish strong

Lift me up 

From these barren waters

Place my feet 

On solid ground

Fill me with the power of a stallion’s might

Give me strength to fight this fight 

With courage and mercy 

That flows from Your throne of grace

Let all that is within me finish this race 

With a heart of worship doing Your will

Serving Your purpose throughout my generation

Finishing strong

For the glory of Your name

God is good

You don’t change like a shifting shadow

You’re faithful and true

Father of heavenly lights

You pour down every perfect gift from above

And make all things new

The old things have past away

The early morning dew is here

I feel the crisp winter air

Awakening and refreshing me once more

The sound of life is all around

As I taste and see 

You are good

Agape shines through

Crisis has a way of snapping us out of mediocrity

Causing us to see what really matters

Love matters the most

Always will

Everything else will pass away

Without a continual uncovering of God

Who is agape

We slip into loose living

Where mediocrity can become deceptively normal

Through shock and pain

Light is shed abroad on this abnormality

Agape shines in to reveal 

That while life is fleeting

He is eternal

Dust of the earth 

A new chapter

In the ongoing narrative 

Of life in India

Twenty three moves

In almost thirty years

Each place

Has its own story

A house without a story

Is mere brick and mortar

Just as a life without a story

Is reduced to dust of the earth

The Word became flesh

He dwelt among us

Offered His life

Gave it fully

To give us His story

To dwell

In this earthen vessel

So that His story

Becomes my story

Dust of the earth

Raised and seated

In glory 

Resurrection life

Death my greatest enemy

Has been swallowed alive

The resurrection and life

Took care of it

So it can never raise it’s ugly head

He finished it

When He said

“It is finished”

Death is now my servant

And will usher me into the presence

Of Jesus my Saviour when I breathe my last

He took His last breath

So I can take my first

Laid down His life

To raise mine

To eternal life

This glory is His glory

The power over sin and death

Guilt and shame

satan and demons

His resurrection life

Alive in me 

Don’t give up

At the end of the rope

Left swinging

Nowhere to go

There’s always another rope

Nothing is static in God’s kingdom

It’s always advancing

Like His glory

Ever increasing

Like a trapeze artist

I’ll swing and let go


Your strong arms will catch me

My faith tells me

I don’t need a safety net

You caught me

Long before I jumped 

Rising and falling

The fool who builds his life on sand

Is like scaffolding with no foundation

The winds and waves storm and thunder

And upon the sand

His house comes crashing down

The one who hears Christ’s words

And does what He says

Is like a wise man

Who builds his life on the rock

The winds and waves storm and thunder

And upon the rock his house stands  


Who can compare with Logos

The essence who sustains the universe

Sustains me

I exist because the self existent One 

Created me 

Breathed life in me

Into this earthen frame

Before I was found

Without moral bearing or hope

Logos came down

Became man

Dwelt among us

Now lives in me

Helping me find my compass

He is the way

Logos became flesh

Sent from the Father

Full of grace and truth

Floods my path with living light

Jesus light of the world


Fragile the leaves fall

Spreading their autumn colours

Upon the earth

As I lie down upon this blanket

Looking up into the wide expanse of blue

I feel the warm rays on my face

Reminding me

Like the leaves

I too will return to the earth

Yet as I continue to look up

I know where I belong

Beyond the moon and stars

Beyond the waves and sea

Beyond the mountain heights

Awaiting my destiny in heaven

While destined for great things on earth