Free indeed

How do you see yourself?

In the light of whose eyes?

Upon what ground would you judge?








What’s your verdict?

How do you stand or fall?

Before man

The pendulum will always swing

One way or another

Looking good or bad

Depending on which side of the fence you stand

When we judge ourselves against ourselves

This judgement always leaves room

For compromise

With man at the centre of all things

Inevitably we’re led to depravity

That’s how God sees us

Seeing through the light of His eyes

We’re depraved

Floating across oceans of sin

From the first generation

Now and till the very end

One day man will sink

Under its unbearable weight

Judgement day will come

Everyone will give an account

Thank God for His mercy and grace

He saw into our darkness

Made a way to satisfy His holy wrath

By sending His Son Jesus 

The Messiah

Who carried our unbearable weight 

Laid down His life freely 

Was crucified and died upon a cross

The light of the world pierced the darkness

Then rose victoriously from the grave

His blood given as a ransom for our sin

That God’s final judgement

Would not rest upon those who repent

Turning to God in surrender

Calling upon Jesus’s name

His forgiveness waiting for all 

Who by faith will trust and receive

For those who are in Christ

Are free from condemnation 

For those who are in Christ

Are truly free indeed


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