Born from above

Before my mother’s womb

I was chosen in love

You saw my unformed body

And destined me to rise

To be born from above

Free from every weight of sin

That separated me 

From Your redeeming love

You opened my eyes to see

That Christ died for me

Rescuing me from Your holy wrath

He reconciled me through His death

Saved me by His life

Demonstrating Your love

Giving me an introduction 

Access to Your throne of grace 

I bodily approach to find Your mercy 

Your grace there to receive

To help me through all suffering

Counting it all joy

Knowing that through these trials and tests

I am being changed

To become more and more like You

Your hope can never disappoint me

It’s always there to remind me

That Your love and power 

Live inside me

I am born from above


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