Still waters

Time to stop

Be still and rest

The thoughts inside my head

Outnumber the hairs upon it

This constant movement

Kaleidoscope into a maze

Until I scream out 


Push pause on this flood

Dam the walls

Till the madness gives way

To Your gentle stream

First a trickle

Then slowly rising 

Till its in full flood

Washing me away

Where Your peace

Surpassing all understanding

Settles my head

Next to my heart

Placing a guard over them



Quietening my restless soul 


Just a glance

When I’m brought low

Drawn to the end

You always come through

You never fail

I’m never taken beyond

What I can endure

You draw me

Toward the bigger picture

Little by little

Step by step

You open my eyes

When I can hardly see

To see the light of Your face

Shining on me 

With such a glimmer

Just one glance

It’s enough

To carry me through

Beholding You

Behind those eyes

I see endless compassion

They melt the hardest heart

Soften the cruelest blow

They look far off

Into the eternal blue

Yet they see me now

Close up

That’s where You want me

Close up

Next to You

Beholding You

Becoming like You


Captivity is held captive

To Him who triumphed victoriously

Darkness flees at the sight of His glory

Our overcoming Prince of Peace

Reigns King of Kings

Jesus Christ


Awesome in power

Defeated now risen

Conquered now conquerer

Bringing darkness and death

And all those who stand in it

To their knees

Bowed low before His cross

While all who call on His name

Are lifted high toward His throne

Captive for all eternity

Ever close to Thee

You placed Jesus before me

So nothing could stand in our way

Blotted out my sin

Wrote my name

In Your book of life


Guilty and ashamed

You received me

Called me by name

Oh the wonder of Your love

That saved a wretch like me

Oh the wonder of Your grace 

That helped me bow my knee

Forever in Your debt

Your love has set me free

Jesus my redeemer

You’ve moved me

Like no other can

Jesus my redeemer

You’ve moved me

Ever close to thee