She bleeds

Red white and blue

I love you

She bleeds

Taken by a bullet

In a cold steel night

We’re left holding

A flickering candle light

She bleeds

Cold and pale

Her breath snuffed out

We’re left standing on the roadside

With flowers piled high

She bleeds

From dark demons of war that rage

They’re no respecter of race or gender

Nor any age

She bleeds 

From the terror of night

We will not forget

Her terrifying plight

She bleeds

Her blood cries out

We will not forget

We will stand and fight

Falling to our knees

We ask that mercy and grace

Be poured out

She bleeds

We’ll not join in with those seeds of hate

We’ll trust in God

Who knows all men’s fate

With Divine retribution

He will repay

She bleeds

He remembers

Every last drop

She bleeds

As a reminder

That one day

This will all finally stop   


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