A change of heart

Changing my inner man

Transforming my mind

Producing good fruit that lasts

Revealing then reflecting

Jesus risen and alive in me

With a new heart

New life 

New direction

Metanoia met metamorphosis 

Giving birth to a new creation

The old dead 

The new alive 

Empowered by the Holy Spirit

Where mercy washes over again and again

Regenerating and renewing

Reviving and restoring

Jesus in first place

Adding to my life

All things good pleasing and perfect


Raised from the grave

A broken heart and a contrite spirit

Is a beautiful and precious sacrifice

Where my eyes are opened to see

Your mercy flooding in

Where my soul is healed and made whole

Whole to be Yours and Yours alone

Whole to be holy

One with You just as You prayed

Where Your hearts desire is fulfilled

That we’d never be apart

Love never parts

Never lets go

Always hopes and draws me toward Your promises

To see them fulfilled

Your word coming alive in me my great reward

For there You are alive in me

Central to my being

Being gospel centred is having You in the centre

Knowing you as first in all things

And by faith coming to see 

The power of who You are transforming my weaknesses

Into who You see I am

I am Your son

I don’t just belong with You

It’s not just my rightful place

It’s who I am

I’m Yours 

Where every part of me is immersed in You

Baptised in the fire of Your love

Tested through the fiery trails of faith

Stripped of all things foul

Having all things that have no place with You

Blotted out


Washed away

Wiped clean by Your blood

Where there is no other place

Other than Your hiding place

That secret place with You

Where there is no shame

No guilt or remorse 

Where Your peace rolls over me

Wave after wave

Crystal clear

Transparent and pure

As a perfect cut diamond

Full of rainbow colours

Bursting out ready to blaze a trail of glory

That outshines the sun

Where eternity placed inside my heart

Is born on earth for multitudes to see

The brightness of Your dawn

To hear the glory of Your name

And be drawn by You to know perfect love

Where the dead weight of sin and the pollution of its air

Is blown away through the breath of Your saving grace

Where to live is Christ and to die is gain

To loose my life and to find my life

In You Lord Jesus my redeemer

That You have raised me from the grave

My great reward

If my life were measured

By all my actions

I would sit alone and undone

When I see the cross

Your finished work of mercy

Your grace waiting for me to receive

I humbly bow before You

With bold cry 

I draw near Your throne 

To receive the love

You placed inside my heart

Rising to take its rightful place

To know the depths of You

This is where I’m drawn  

To love 

The way You love me

I have no higher thought

I have no greater reward

The sun shines on us all

Silently placed out of sight

Waiting for the day to shine

Obscurity becomes friend to the stranger

The lost and lonely

Centre stage no longer has its pull

Arising and shining

Becomes all about Gods glory

Seeing how good He is

That both small and great works

Are measured through the lens

Of His love

They carry the same reward

In that 

He is glorified

And I am exceedingly happy

I can’t outshine the sun

I humbly absorb it

Then reflect it’s warmth and beauty

Knowing I’m part of the same source

While able to glorify the One who made it


You never let go

Happy and to be envied 

Are those who are blessed by God

Like a child that can do no wrong

Is he who has Gods favour

Every good and perfect gift comes from Him

Good measure pressed down shaken and running over

Poured into our lap

Always give Him thanks

His kingdom comes through

Those who by faith 

Lay hold of that 

For which Jesus laid hold of them

And know this

He never lets go

My conviction

When all else fails

You are always there

Steady as a Master’s hand

As certain as the wind in a full blown sail

Strong as a bullock’s weight drawn

More powerful than a lion’s roar

You have all authority

Know the beginning from the end

Your ways are perfect

Your judgements are true

You finish what You begin

My feet are planted on this conviction

God You are good

God Your mercy endures forever 

My highest thought

You never grow impatient

Get frustrated or tire

From loving me

You know me full well

And remember I am but dust of the earth

Your glory fills this earthen vessel

The greatest thing in the world

Is knowing

I belong to You

Knowing You placed eternity in my heart

When one day we’ll meet face to face

Kiss and never part

This is my highest thought

Nothing in the world 

Can match or come close

All else in comparison 

Is tarnished gold

Fading memories

A distant heart beat

To think you placed such treasure

In this jar of clay

Is too lofty for me to behold

In awe of You

Your loving kindness

Is incomparable

There is none like You

Who speaks a word

And new life is born

Opening Your hand of glory

Revealing Your awesome majesty

The heavens declare Your excellencies

Day after day

They pour forth speech

Night after night they declare

That God You are everywhere

As I open my eyes and look around

I behold You

And I am in awe of You

A prayer

Whatever You have in mind

Let that be in my heart

You planned things long ago

Even before my mother’s womb

I was a dream alive in You

You gave me new birth

Watched over me when I took my first breath

Helped me through many days of trying steps

With mercy and grace You have loved me

Till my grey hair and body grows old

You will faithfully carry me through

I’d rather be a sweeper on these dusty streets with You

Than live in a mansion without You

Help me keep my eye on You

As You keep watch over me

To finish what You began

Give thanks

Faith believes in the impossible

Though it’s out of sight

It’s in full view of God

His voice echoes over the deep

Draws me out of shallow waters

Beckons me to come

See the chains are broken

Hear the sound of victory

The shouts that come from the cloud of witnesses

Surrounding heaven’s throne

Declaring boldly

You can do it

Finish your race

Look to Him

Who has gone before you

Give thanks to Gods Son Jesus 

Who sits upon the throne