Father of heavenly lights

Every good gift comes from You

You sent the greatest gift of all


Who came into this world

To ransom my life and redeem me 

From all my sin and shame

To unite me with You for all eternity

And lead me safely home

Where I belong 


Every last drop 

Is Yours

It belongs to You

And You alone

It’s holy

A holy offering

Pleasing in Your sight

To behold Your glory

Then give it back to You

Takes humility


It comes from You

Then returns to You 

Where it belongs

Found in You

I get crowded out

In the clutter of my mind

Multiple thoughts

Wave after wave

Find me in the crowd

When I lose my way

Find me in the crowd

When I’m lost

The scent of Your presence

Is enough

To draw me out

Then draw me in

Where once again

I’m found in You


Crowded out in the world

Or seeing God in the crowd

He’s everywhere

Just like the sun shining all around

Lighting up a path to walk

Gazing upon Him in this earthly vessel

Is too blinding for the eye

One day I shall see Him

Face to face

Bow low

In humble adoration

Lift up my head

Look into His eyes

Kiss His face

And behold Him



Seated with Christ

The most beautiful creation fallen

The greatest gift of redemption given

The ongoing work of restoration 

Through Christ who lives in me

In Him I know I’m saved

He is the resurrection 

He is the life

His saving grace restores me

Every single day 

Willing me to live and act 

According to His perfect will

Pointing me toward the future

Toward that final day

With hope fully laden 

Rich with eternal promises

Knowing darkness will never rise

And sin will never have victory

Where the promise of a new day 

Will shine with His eternal love

And I will know

As I’m fully known

Therefore now

In the light of His glory 

I no longer live

But Christ lives in me

I live by faith


He loves me

I live by faith


He gave Himself for me

I live by faith


I have been crucified with Christ

I have been raised with Christ

Divine Exchange

Every turn toward You

Every step of obedience

Out of desire

To walk upright with You

Is Your grace

Celebrated out loud

Sin causes me

To forget You

Grace awakens my heart

To the beauty of Your holiness

Exchanging a life of striving

For Your empowering love

Resting in the knowledge

That I am Yours