Compassionate touch

Your grace

Knocks on my door everyday

Inviting me in

Drawing me near

To be touched by Your love

I’m humbled in Your presence

Knowing You move within me

The greatest desire 

To be like You

When I look upon myself

I gaze into deep waters

And soon I begin to sink

When I look upon You

I gaze into deeper waters

And I am lifted up

To walk with Your compassionate touch

Enfolding me

Eternal Words

Words that are spoken

Filled with Spirit and life

Words that are spoken

Filled with grace and truth

Words that are spoken

Filled with compassion and power 

To raise me from the dead

These are the words spoken

Filled with eternal promises

These are the words spoken

That flow from the mouth of Christ


God’s only begotten Son

Regions beyond

Regions beyond

Are not for the faint hearted

Nor for those building their mansions on earth

Not for those who say four months more

Or those with half empty lamps

Regions beyond are where multitudes lie

Who have never heard of the Saviour’s great love

They know not His name nor His power to save

Salvation has not risen in their hearts

How will they believe if they’ve never heard

How will they hear

Unless someone is sent 

To preach and proclaim

Jesus the Lamb of God

Who takes away the sin of the world 

Has risen from the dead

Finish strong

Let Your mercy reign

Let it triumph over Your judgements

Let these weak knees bend

Not under the yoke of burden

But in humility before Your throne

Let these arms that hang down

Be lifted up in praise

For You change not

Let this fearful heart be strong

Speak into it

Let it hear the sound of Your voice

Strengthening with life giving breath

And eternal words

That I may run my race

Fight the good fight 

Keep the faith

And finish strong

I belong to You

When my confidence is knocked

And I sit in the seat of weakness

With my eyes caste down

The voice of doubt creeping into my head

You come and remind me

I belong to You

I hear You say

You are mine

When all fails and slips away

Your unfailing love

Holds me fast

Moves into the recesses of my heart and soul

Lifting me up

Helping me to see

Who You are 


You are love

And I am Your child