Kiss of love

The sun rises to kiss the dawn

Radiant and beautiful

Like a bride adorned

Ready to meet the One she loves

So it is with Your favour resting upon me

Shining brighter than the noonday sun

Here in this place

I drink deeply

As You kiss me with Your love

You make me


You make me great

You make me brave

You make me holy

You make me true

You make me noble

You make me courageous

You make me whole

You make me come alive

You make me humble

You make me think right

You make me righteous

You make me care

You make me considerate

You make me compassionate

You make me generous

You make me gracious

You make me strong

You make me faithful

You make me gentle

You make me merciful

You make me forgiving

You make me kind

You make me patient

You make me self controlled

You make me joyful

You make me peaceful

You make me good

Because I’m Your child

Your love makes me like You



It’s You I hold onto

More than life itself

It’s You I hold onto 

With all the breath within me

It’s You I hold onto

With hope and faith and love

It’s You I hold onto

For in You

I’m seated in heaven above

Holy holy

I was born for Your glory

To transcend this earthly realm

To live by faith in You alone

Trusting in Your word

To turn this world around 

To face the light of Your glory

Serving shoulder to shoulder

With my family

Hand in hand

Living out loud

The word You speak

Shining with the glory 

Of Christ my risen King

Last day

Caught up in a tangle and rhyme 

What will I find

The masters of fate are left behind

Tied up in knots at the end of time

No more straws to draw

They’re at the end of the line

Run out of time 

At the end of the line 

Run out of time

The best is yet to come

A year of new beginnings

A year of conclusions

Finishing what you began


Through it all

What matters most of all

What keeps you firmly 

Planted on the land

Pulling you toward the future

While not missing what’s at hand

The eternal voice of God

Speaking words of life

That carry you through the day

While pointing you toward 

The best there is

And all that is to come


Taken out of the ordinary

Beyond normal human range

Transcending outside the mundane

Climbing above mountains of tests and trials

Born for greatness

Through faith in Christ


Higher and higher

Till heaven’s summit 

Becomes my home 

Yours is the kingdom

What moves You is faith

The same faith that moves me

Moves mountains

Moves me to the place where I belong

With You

Becoming more like You

In word and deed

Faith moves me through an open window

To behold the most glorious sight ever seen

Helping me overcome 

Every obstacle and hindrance along the way

While not losing sight of that heavenly vision on earth

For Yours is the kingdom

Yours is the glory

Forever and ever