Eternity is waiting

There she standsAlmost a thousand years gone by
Battle worn and broken
Torn from generation to generation 

A mighty fortress to protect

Built upon the desolate sands

Filled with prisoners who neglect

The truest foundation of all 

Yet the hope of glory still shines bright

As radiant as the sun that sets upon its walls 

Pointing toward the promise of a future hope

Just like green shoots bursting through the hardest stone 

The sun speaks out and the green leaf says

Eternity is waiting for you to catch His rays

So bend your knee and bow before His light

Call on His name 

Ask Him to break down your prison walls

Let the Son of God shine inside your heart

Causing your leaf to blossom 

No longer held behind those captive bars

Instead living inside His mighty fortress

A prisoner of hope’s eternal spring 


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