Dive in

Standing on the shore

Gazing out toward the deep blue

What lies beyond the horizon

What lies beyond this open door

A new day

An eternal beginning

With hope spread out across these waters

Faith calling me to swim

Knowing the currents of love

Will take me to the other side

I take my first step

And dive in

Your path

When the lines are blurred 

And I’m crossing over

With my back toward the sun

When my path is faded

And my head is down

I no longer see the way

The faintest cry on bended knee

Turns me around

To see Your path before me

Ever present

Brighter than the noonday sun

Clearer than a crystal stream

Truer than the straightest line

Grace opening the door once more

For love’s strong hands

To lead me through

To lead me on

Heavenly hope

I love the language of family

Brothers and sisters

Little children

Babies and grandparents

The sense of belonging fulfilled

At home



Having a future and hope

On the other hand


Sounds cold 


On the outside

Not the right fit

That’s how it is in this world

I don’t fit

I don’t belong

I’m a foreigner 

What gives me hope here

Is my family

My brothers and sisters

Knowing God fits me together with them

On earth

While we help move one another along

Where we truly belong

In heaven

With our Heavenly Father

First place

First step

First dance

First kiss

There’s always a first

No need to strive for first place

I’ve already found it positioned in Christ

Raised up and seated in heavenly places

I can’t be lifted any higher

Every step now

Toward the finishing line

Running my race

Finishing strong

Fighting the good fight

Faithful to the end

Seeking first His kingdom

Knowing that in Christ

I’ve already won

Eternal kindness

Your kindness and the riches of Your grace
Lead me to repentance
To take hold of Your hand
Nothing in mine could I bring
You held out Yours with love eternal

Laid hold of mine

Turned me around to see

The light of Your face

Filling my hand with Yours

Your heart poured out through each finger tip

My hard palms bruised and calloused 

Melted under Your strong and gentle touch

Then waves of glory rolled over me

And began to change this heart of stone

Right down to my finger tips

Eternity is waiting

There she standsAlmost a thousand years gone by
Battle worn and broken
Torn from generation to generation 

A mighty fortress to protect

Built upon the desolate sands

Filled with prisoners who neglect

The truest foundation of all 

Yet the hope of glory still shines bright

As radiant as the sun that sets upon its walls 

Pointing toward the promise of a future hope

Just like green shoots bursting through the hardest stone 

The sun speaks out and the green leaf says

Eternity is waiting for you to catch His rays

So bend your knee and bow before His light

Call on His name 

Ask Him to break down your prison walls

Let the Son of God shine inside your heart

Causing your leaf to blossom 

No longer held behind those captive bars

Instead living inside His mighty fortress

A prisoner of hope’s eternal spring