In Christ alone

Does another man’s weakness 

Make me feel strong

Does another man’s strength

Make me feel weak

It is in Christ’s weakness and death

On the cross

And in Christ’s strength and life 

In His resurrection

I am made whole

Neither in the weakness

Nor strength of man

But in Christ’s life death and resurrection

I stand


To dream of things

Yet to come

To see them unroll

Along a fiery carpet

Laden with rainbow flowers

On either side

Wave after wave of songs

From the lips of multitudes sung

The grandest of all processions 

Is on its way 

To the wedding banquet

The greatest treasure

Divine grace

Gives me everything 

For life and godliness

They are supreme

Just as God is supreme

His forgiveness


A pure heart

Being adopted

Welcomed into His kingdom

These are priceless treasures

Paid in full by the pearl of great price

To be treasured above all that is temporal

The eternal value of all this

Can never be measured

Outside the love of God the Father

Through Jesus Christ His Son

One day at a time

Grace always holds out a hand

Pulls me up and leads me into

All that is good

Noble and true

All that anchors me

In the knowledge of the holy

Helps me know 

I belong to You

I am loved

My destiny is secure

As I take Your hand

And walk with You

One day at a time