Don’t talk it up

Live it out

Loud and clear

Let your testimony resound

Faith and good works

Working together

Speaking for themselves

Authenticating your words

Giving credibility

To what you say

Carrying the authority

Of the King’s name

To whom you bare witness

To whom you belong


When it all comes down to the wire

Who will be left standing

Judgement day is not an illusion

Or something made up in the mind of man

Like death itself

It’s as real as the breath you take

As true as the One who sits on the throne

Who is holy


He will have the last say

He is the beginning and the end

For those in Jesus Christ

Who stand on His eternal word

Their final call

Is as rock solid

As their Maker Himself

For those outside Gods saving grace

As lost as they are today

So it will be for all eternity

To all who hear


Gods redeeming love

Bend your knee

Cry out today

That He may lead you 

Safely home

Glorious inheritance

The eyes of my heart

Wide open

Fixed on Jesus

Holy Spirit wisdom 

Opening a bigger window

To behold His beauty 

Held by the Author and Perfecter’s grace filled hands

Knowing eternal hope

Surrounded by saints

Caught up in Christ

Moving closer and closer

Into Our glorious inheritance

In Your love

The kiss of life

Breathes eternity

Into my lungs

Filling them with love

My heart pumps

With every breath

In rhythm with grace

Awakening everyday

Like the sunrise



Lighting up my eyes

With eternal gazing

While walking in step

With Your promise today


In love

With You

Now and yet to come

Choices aligned with

Sovereign choices

My will aligned with

God’s word in me

Willing me and working in me

To act

According to His will


I chose

What He chose


His beauty

In harmony

Within my humanity

Is heaven on earth

A taste of what is yet to come

Kiss the day

This beautiful cup I drink

Full of sunrise and sparrow songs

The morning dawn is wafting through

With rivers of fragrance

Rising to kiss the day

Full of glory

Praise fills the air

Ascending higher and higher

Till it reaches heaven

To the One who sits upon the throne

To the One I love